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Beasts, Men and Gods
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Description of the audiobook Beasts, Men and Gods:

Beasts, Men, and Gods chronicle an epic journey full of danger and near misses in the name of The Lord of the Rings.

Here's the difference: it's all true.

Ferdinand Ossendowski was a Pole who found himself on the losing side of the Siberian and Bolshevik revolutions. To avoid being rounded up and shot, he set off with a friend to the Pacific to bring the ship back to Europe. During his travels, he encountered dozens of other military men pursuing the same goal...but nearly all of them perished.

It's up to you to decide whether Ossendowski is most threatened by beasts, humans, gods, or the harsh and uncompromising landscapes of Siberia, Mongolia, and China. It seemed impossible for him to survive. The mystical mysteries of Buddhism and the magical "yellow faith" intertwined during his stay and ed no small part in his survival.

Time and time again, he found himself in the awkward position of being the chief negotiator between rival groups.
In the end, through incredible luck and his friendship with Nalabanchi Monastery Hutuktu, he was able to pull through.

The book caused a sensation when it was published in the United States and became a bestseller. (Summary by Mark F. Smith)