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China - Frank G. Carpenter
Another fascinating insight into the largest country in the world. Its cities, people, culture, and industry. (Summary by Betty B)...
Running Time: 09:03:19
Cape Cod
Cape Cod - Henry David Thoreau
Cape Cod is one of several fieldwork books by Henry David Thoreau. The itinerary featured his musings on geography, natural and local history, and philosophy....
Running Time: 10:22:47
California Desert Trails
California Desert Trails - Joseph Smeaton Chase
I easily fell prey to the call of another key feature of California's terrain: the dreamy inhospitable desert. Long ago, during short expeditions around her, I had fallen in love with her inexplicable charms in various places; Knowing it well: getting the experience I wanted, at the expense of some...
Bohemian San Francisco
Bohemian San Francisco - Clarence Edgar Edwords
When Clarence Edwords describes his culinary experience in "Bohemian San Francisco," he paints a historical panorama of California cuisine and all its international influences. Most importantly, he offers tantalizing recipes from conversations with the head chef at The City by the Bay in...
Running Time: 4:36:51
Beasts, Men and Gods
Beasts, Men and Gods - Ferdinand Ossendowski
Beasts, Men, and Gods chronicle an epic journey full of danger and near misses in the name of The Lord of the Rings. Here's the difference: it's all true. Ferdinand Ossendowski was a Pole who found himself on the losing side of the Siberian and Bolshevik revolutions. To avoid being rounded up and...
American Scenery, Vol. 1
American Scenery, Vol. 1 - Nathaniel Parker Willis
The book focuses on sculptures depicting picturesque locations in 19th-century America, but a brief description of the place and location accompanies each sculpture. These vignettes offer a glimpse of the picturesque location as it emerged in 1840. All locations are in the eastern United States,...
Running Time: 06:57:18
American Notes (Version 2)
American Notes (Version 2) - Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens records his impressions of America during his 1842 journey....
Running Time: 09:55:17
All About Coffee
All About Coffee - William Ukers
Considered the definitive work on coffee at the time, All About Coffee was written by William Ukers, founder of the Tea and Coffee Trade Journal. He spent 17 years visiting the many places where coffee is grown, served, and enjoyed for this book, and he shares his knowledge of every aspect of...

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