Chunky, the Happy Hippo
Chunky, the Happy Hippo - Richard Barnum
Another entry in Richard Barnum's Kneeland Animal Stories. Follow Dumpty Hippo's many adventures from his native Africa to the circus. - Summary by Larry Wilson....
Running Time: 02:32:07
Winkie, the Wily Woodchuck: Her Many Adventures
Winkie, the Wily Woodchuck: Her Many Adventures - Richard Barnum
Winkie is a groundhog girl who's always up for an adventure. When she and her sister Blinky and friends scurry through the woods looking for something to eat and play with, they get plenty. It's not for nothing that Winkie is known as the crafty groundhog; most of the time, she manages to stay out...
Running Time: 02:11:38
Tum Tum, the Jolly Elephant
Tum Tum, the Jolly Elephant - Richard Barnum
Tum Tum is a good-natured elephant in all his adventures. Whether at his jungle home or the circus, Tum Tum is always so helpful and can be counted on to help anyone. This help puts Tum Tum in a bind, but he makes the most of the situation. (Ann Boulais)...
Running Time: 01:58:34
Toto, the Bustling Beaver
Toto, the Bustling Beaver - Richard Barnum
Toto is the smallest beaver in the house and pond. He has much to experience and learn as he shares the world and adventures. A fun children's story with lots of animals, all of which help to make life interesting for a newborn beaver. - Summary by Phil Chenevert...
Running Time: 02:35:10
Tinkle, the Trick Pony
Tinkle, the Trick Pony - Richard Barnum
The Kneetime Animal Stories are adorable children's stories about animals. The friends have their own stories, but they appear in different books. In this story, clever Tinker gets into trouble before being taken to the circus and meeting other animals. - Synopsis by Lynne Thompson...
Running Time: 02:34:39
Tamba, The Tame Tiger; His Many Adventures
Tamba, The Tame Tiger; His Many Adventures - Richard Barnum
Richard Barnum is the pseudonym used by several of the Studemeyer Syndicate writers when they write stories about Kneetime Animal Stories. In this story, we meet Tamba, a tame tiger, and follow him as he escapes from the circus and searches for food....
Running Time: 02:48:03
Sharp Eyes, the Silver Fox
Sharp Eyes, the Silver Fox - Richard Barnum
Sharp Eyes, the Silver Fox is another adventure story of a young silver fox from birth in the woods of England, through his parents' survival training, until some very nasty mistakes lead to him being captured and placed in the zoo....
Running Time: 02:22:18
Shaggo, the Mighty Buffalo
Shaggo, the Mighty Buffalo - Richard Barnum
This is a story about Richard Barnum's Circus Animals series. Follow the adventures of Shaggo, The Mighty Buffalo, from the grasslands to circus life. - Summary by Larry Wilson...
Running Time: 02:13:36
Nero, the Circus Lion
Nero, the Circus Lion - Richard Barnum
Nero lives in the jungle with his family, parents, and siblings. He likes to play with his friend Switchie and often gets Nero into trouble. One day, Nero's father took him to hunt, but Nero fell into a trap. He ends up in the circus, where he has more adventures....
Running Time: 02:09:06
Mappo, the Merry Monkey
Mappo, the Merry Monkey - Richard Barnum
Mappo and his family live in a jungle tree. He is the eldest of his brothers and is very smart, which explains why he has so many adventures! You will come across a long experience that will take you!...
Running Time: 02:56:40
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