Crime and Punishment (Version 3)
Crime and Punishment (Version 3) -
"Crime and Punishment" is Dostoevsky's second novel after returning from exile in Siberia for five years, and it is considered to be the first important novel in his "mature" writing period. The novel focuses on the mental anguish and moral dilemma of Rodion Raskolnikov, an...
Running Time: 22:02:11
Creatures of the Abyss
Creatures of the Abyss - Murray Leinster
Orejas de ellos, "things that listen," whispered superstitious fishermen as strange events began off the coast of the Philippines. How else to explain the sudden disappearance of a ship behind a mysterious curtain of foam? Thousands of crazy fish trapped in a coffin-like area of ​​the...
Running Time: 5:36:10
Shadows in Zamboula
Shadows in Zamboula - Robert E. Howard
Despite warnings from an elderly desert nomad at the souk, Conan remains in Zambula, a cheap tavern by Aram Baksh. As night fell, a black cannibal from Darfari came in and dragged him away, and ate him. All Darfari enslaved people in the city are cannibals who roam the streets at night. City...
Running Time: 1:26:51
The People of the Black Circle
The People of the Black Circle - Robert E. Howard
The People of the Black Circle, one of the original Conan the Cimmerian novels by American author Robert E. Howard, was first published in three parts in the September, October, and November 1934 issue of Weird Stories Magazine. Set in pseudo-historical Siberia, it involves Conan kidnapping the...
The Hour of the Dragon
The Hour of the Dragon - Robert E. Howard
Hour of the Dragon, also known as Conan the Conqueror, is a fantasy novel by American writer Robert E. Howard. The protagonist is his swordsmanship and magic hero, Conan the Cimmerian. It was one of the last Conan stories published before Howard committed suicide, though it wasn't the last. The...
Running Time: 8:21:23
A Network of Crime
A Network of Crime - Nicholas Carter
Nick Carter is a fictional detective who first appeared in Dime Fiction in 1886. Over the years, various writers have written stories about "America's Greatest Detective" using the pseudonym Nicholas Carter. Nick is assigned to investigate a bloody double homicide - one man is stabbed and...
Bat Wing
Bat Wing - Sax Rohmer
Private eye Paul Halley investigates a mysterious case in central London involving witchcraft, vampires, and gruesome murders. The first book in the Paul Harley series by Sax Rohmer, author of The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu. (Summary by Mark Nelson)...
Running Time: 9:13:32
At the Earth's Core (version 2)
At the Earth's Core (version 2) - Edgar Rice Burroughs
David Innes, a mining heir who funded the experimental Iron Mole, an excavator designed by his aging inventor friend Abner Perry. During a test run, they discovered that the craft could not spin and dug 500 miles into the Earth's crust to access Pellucidar's unknown inner world. In Burrough's...
A Voyage to Arcturus
A Voyage to Arcturus - David Lindsay
Journey to Arcturus is a novel by Scottish author David Lindsay, first published in 1920. Combining fantasy, philosophy, and science fiction, he explores the nature of good and evil and their relationship to existence. Described by critic and philosopher Colin Wilson as "the greatest novel of...
Running Time: 11:15:27
A Princess of Mars (version 2)
A Princess of Mars (version 2) - Edgar Rice Burroughs
Civil War veteran John Carter, prospecting for gold in Arizona, was mysteriously transported to Mars when he was attacked by Native Americans, and was dubbed "Barsoom" by the locals. Carter discovers that he has great powers on this planet due to the lower gravity. Carter soon fell under...
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