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The Prime Minister
The Prime Minister - Anthony Trollope
The Prime Minister is the fifth in Trollope's six Paris novels. With Phineas' difficulties resolved, Trollope introduced new characters. After falling in love with an unknown man of foreign descent, a respectable young girl leaves the man her family has always prepared for her. He has the...
Phineas Redux
Phineas Redux - Anthony Trollope
Phineas Finn is the fourth in Trollope's series of six Paris novels. At the end of the second novel in the series, Phineas Finn, Phineas returns to Ireland after leaving the House of Commons and marries his childhood sweetheart. Phineas was working as a workhouse inspector in Ireland when Phineas...
Phineas Finn the Irish Member
Phineas Finn the Irish Member - Anthony Trollope
Phineas Finn is the author of Can You Ever Forgive Her? and the second novel in Trollope's Palliser series of novels. The eponymous hero is a young Irishman who becomes a member of the British Parliament. Trollope, who aspires to be an MP, aptly describes how British politics works. There's also a...
The Eustace Diamonds
The Eustace Diamonds - Anthony Trollope
Lizzie Greystock is a fortune hunter who traps the ailing, distracted Sir Florian Eustace and soon becomes a very wealthy widow and mother. Lizzie, though smart and pretty, has several character flaws; the biggest of which is an almost morbid joy in lying, even when it doesn't do her any good....
The Duke's Children
The Duke's Children - Anthony Trollope
In the last of Palliser's six novels, his wife Lady Glencora dies suddenly, leaving Plantagenet Palliser, Duke of Omnium, in charge of his three children. The eldest, Lord Silverbridge, was recently expelled from Oxford. His younger brother, Gerald, is about to emigrate to Cambridge; the youngest,...
Running Time: 22:38:32
Can You Forgive Her?
Can You Forgive Her? - Anthony Trollope
can you forgive her ', the first in a series of six Trollope novels, provides a comprehensive account of the political scene in 19th-century England. Dynasty begins his political career, which continues throughout the series, either in the foreground or in the background. Each novel also focuses on...
Running Time: 32:16:10
The Warden (version 2)
The Warden (version 2) - Anthony Trollope
Anthony Trollope laid the groundwork for his brilliant Chronicles of Barsetshire, a short story about Septimus Harding as Hiram Highly contested church seat for director of Hiram's Hospital. Even more interesting is that the challenger, John Bold, also happens to be courting Mr. Harding's daughter,...
Running Time: 7:24:43
The Warden
The Warden - Anthony Trollope
Anthony Trollope, along with his contemporary Charles Dickens, is one of the great 19th-century popular novelists still read today. He is best known for his two series of novels, political novels (The Pallisers) and religious novels (The Barsetshire Chronicles). The book is the first in the...
Running Time: 7:42:13
The Small House at Allington
The Small House at Allington - Anthony Trollope
The fifth novel in the Bassett County series, Little House in Arlington focuses on the resident of the Little House, Mrs. Dale, and her two marriageable daughters, Lily and Belle. Of course, both girls have suitors: their cousin Bernard Dale, his friend Adolphus Crosby and local boy Johnny Eames,...
Running Time: 25:15:01
The Last Chronicle of Barset (version 2)
The Last Chronicle of Barset (version 2) - Anthony Trollope
Introducing the collaborative edition of this excellent novel, LibriVox reader Nicholas Clifford called it Trollope's best novel - and he was right! Brilliant study of its main character, the proud, irascible, bitter, impoverished priest Josiah Crawley, who pays dearly for his own human flaws when...
Running Time: 31:22:27
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