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Boy Scouts Handbook
Boy Scouts Handbook - Boy Scouts of America
The Boy Scouts of America was founded more than a hundred years ago to serve the youth of the United States of America and provide them with the same opportunities as Boy Scouts around the world. Based on Robert Baden-Powell's The Boy Scouts of the Boy Scouts, the Boy Scouts of America handbook...
Baseball Joe at Yale
Baseball Joe at Yale - Lester Chadwick
"Baseball Joe" Matteson aspires to be a professional baseball pitcher. The Baseball Joe series follows his career as he struggles to achieve his goals. In this volume, Joe obeys his parents' wishes, goes to college, and tries to join Yale for the Niners. To his great disappointment, he...
American Big-Game Hunting
American Big-Game Hunting - Theodore Roosevelt
The first book was published by the Boone and Crockett Club, founded by Theodore Roosevelt and George Grinnell, who wrote in an editor's note: "Hunting big game in the wild is first and foremost an energetic the sport of a highly skilled man. A pack hunter, whether on foot or on horseback, in...

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