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Conquest Over Time
Conquest Over Time - Michael Shaara
Pat Travis, an astronaut known for his luck, suddenly became very frustrated. His job is to outwit his rivals and strike trade treaties with newly contacted races of humanity... But what can he do when he finds himself on a planet where astrology is referenced for nearly every critical decision --,...
Running Time: 1:20:25
A Witch Shall Be Born
A Witch Shall Be Born - Robert E. Howard
The kingdom of Cowra is small, set between vast deserts and plains, but has fertile soil, hardworking, loyal citizens, and a lot of gold, but above all, a lovely young queen who is equally wise and benevolent, Because she is beautiful. But, suddenly, disaster struck. A terrifying sorceress (her...
Running Time: 2:05:28
Queen of the Black Coast
Queen of the Black Coast - Robert E. Howard
Conan eventually meets his master, the fierce, bloodthirsty, scantily clad Pirate Queen, in Belit. She couldn't resist the huge, blue-eyed, iron-hoofed savage who knocked her down. Together they became legendary pirates and the scourge of Darkshore. They ventured upstream in search of plunder,...
Running Time: 1:27:55
Jewels of Gwahlur
Jewels of Gwahlur - Robert E. Howard
In this exciting story, Conan the Barbarian searches for a mythical treasure. But he found himself in more trouble than he expected. Cunning and powerful human adversaries want to flay him alive, mutated beasts wish to rip off his arms, denizens of the deep want to swallow him whole, and scantily...
Running Time: 2:06:22
The Devil in Iron
The Devil in Iron - Robert E. Howard
Conan's lustful lust gets him into trouble again. This time, the beautiful, fair-haired, aristocratic Octavia lures him into a demonic trap set by his greatest enemy, from which there seems to be no escape. But on the long and lonely island of Xapur, he sets out to hunt this cunning beauty, and...
Running Time: 1:34:34
Citadel of Lost Ships
Citadel of Lost Ships - Leigh Douglass Brackett
"This is a gypsy world, built of space debris, inhabited by one of the few free races in the solar system. Roy Campbell, a prey abandoned by the Alliance, enters its depths to save Kraylens of Nass and seeks a refuge — only to find that he has become an inescapable slave trap." - Editor's...
Running Time: 01:33:22
Buccaneer of the Star Seas
Buccaneer of the Star Seas - Edward Earl Repp
Complex science fiction story, written in 1940, published in Planet Stories. What would happen if someone discovered the secret of immortality in 1423 and lived into the 20th century? The problem, of course, is that someone has to die to live; it has to be a woman, a woman who loves him, and he has...
Running Time: 01:17:00
Brood of the Dark Moon
Brood of the Dark Moon - Charles Willard Diffin
Once more Chet, Walt and Diane are united in a wild ride to the Dark Moon—but this time they go as prisoners of their deadly enemy Schwartzmann....
Running Time: 6:50:21
Black Amazon of Mars
Black Amazon of Mars - Leigh Douglass Brackett
To fulfill the last wish of his comrades, mercenary Eric John Stark takes on the task of returning the stolen amulet to a walled city near the poles of Mars. A town that guards the gates of the mysterious Death. Now all he has to do is make his way past the brutal Mekh clan and shadowy Ciaran lords...
Running Time: 2:34:36
Birds of the Air
Birds of the Air - Arabella B. Buckley
Birds of the Air Arabella Buckley (1840 - 1929) Arabella Buckley is passionate about the outdoors and hopes to pass that love on to her children. Birds of the Air encourages children to observe birds in their natural environment, noting the habits of each bird they encounter. (Summary by Laura...
Running Time: 1:25:46
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