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Cymbeline - William Shakespeare
Cymbeline is one of Shakespeare's late romance novels, combining comedy and tragedy (such as The Tempest and The Winter's Tale). Imogen, the daughter of King Cymbeline of England, married a noble but penniless gentleman, Posthumous, which angered her father. The king banished Posthumous, and he...
Running Time: 3:27:08
Cinderella - George Calderon
If you're expecting crystal slippers and pumpkin carts, look's "a pantomime like Ibsen, and if he only wanted to write one, he'd write it." On "a desolate and desolate moor overlooking the fjord," we meet Ibsen's heroine, Mrs. Inqvist, her stepdaughter Hilda, and...
Charley's Aunt
Charley's Aunt - Brandon Thomas
Girlfriends come to see boys in college, but they can't stay without the right partner. So what could be more intelligent than having a friend from the drama club dress up as Charlie's aunt? Simple and safe! What can go wrong? How about the real aunt's arrival? The play has been replayed and...
Running Time: 03:54:57
Caliban by the Yellow Sands
Caliban by the Yellow Sands - Percy MacKaye
Caliban, the savage ancestor of the sorceress Sycorax and the evil frog god Setpos, sought knowledge and civilization from a strange magician named Prospero and his young daughter Miranda. Through wondrous visions (including Shakespeare plays), poetry, song, and dance, a curious savage slowly takes...
Running Time: 02:56:47
The Beaux Stratagem
The Beaux Stratagem - George Farquhar
Two hapless gentlemen pretending to be master and servant, thinking that a good dowry will solve their problems; some bumbling robbers and their accomplices; The squire and his sick wife, a medical lady, and a beautiful daughter. What could go wrong? (Summary by ToddHW)...
Running Time: 02:55:29
Andromache - Jean Racine
In this tragedy [about the aftermath of the Trojan War] in 1667, the plot is generally more complex than Racine's plays and offers a greater variety of characters and motives. Love, jealousy, friendship, marital fidelity, maternal tenderness, anger, and despair are all subtly portrayed. If the...
Running Time: 01:43:14
Alias Miss Sherlock
Alias Miss Sherlock - Arthur Lewis Tubbs
Dick Brewster is involved in a murder and hides on his aunt's farm. His aunt Sarah stood by him in his ordeal, and they both moved to the city to clear his name. She investigated and... - Author's Summary....
Aladdin, Or, The Wonderful Lamp (A Dramatic Poem, in Two Parts)
Aladdin, Or, The Wonderful Lamp (A Dramatic Poem, in Two Parts) - Adam Oehlenschläger
This dramatic retelling of Aladdin's lines begins in the humble home of a tailor whose son does nothing but cause his parents nothing but sorrow. Soon, however, the son was taken to a magical cave where he found a treasure that would bring him riches. The story will have some twists and will almost...
Running Time: 07:38:46
A Woman of No Importance
A Woman of No Importance - Oscar Wilde
"A Woman of No Importance" is a play by Irish playwright Oscar Wilde. The play premiered on 19 April 1893 at the Haymarket Theater in London. It's a testament to Wilde's wit and his brand of dark comedy. It concerned particularly British high society, and since his death in 1900 it has...
Running Time: 2:03:38
Othello - William Shakespeare
"Othello," tells a cross-cultural romantic story between the protagonist, the noble Moorish general in the Venetian army, and the beautiful and virtuous Venetian lady Desdemona. The newlyweds fall into the machinations of Othello's jealous ensign Iago, who plots to sabotage their...
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