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Confessions (Outler translation)
Confessions (Outler translation) - Saint Augustine of Hippo
Confessions (Latin: Confessiones) is the name of an autobiographical work, consisting of 13 books, by St. Augustine of Hippo, written between AD 397 and AD 398. Modern English translations of it are sometimes published under the title The Confessions of St. Augustine in order to distinguish the...
Running Time: 13:49:38
Concise Commentary on the Bible - Book of Matthew
Concise Commentary on the Bible - Book of Matthew - Matthew Henry
Spiritual and practical lessons are drawn from each verse of Matthew, along with detailed explanations of the text. Matthew's Gospel is part of the New Testament of the Bible and is one of the four Gospels. The other three Gospels are Mark, Luke and John. Matthew was a tax collector before becoming...
Running Time: 04:07:40
Conciliatory or Irenical Animadversions on the Controversies Agitated in Britain under the Unhappy Names of Antinomians and Neonomians
Conciliatory or Irenical Animadversions on the Controversies Agitated in Britain under the Unhappy Names of Antinomians and Neonomians - Hermann Witsius
17 Christ's antinomian versus new law debate, through his atonement, lowered the requirements of the law so that in the space of total obedience mere effort is accepted. "...
Running Time: 04:08:41
Concerning Virgins
Concerning Virgins - Saint Ambrose, Philip Schaff
Concerning the Virgin (De Virginibus), a series of letters from St. Ambrose to his sister Manelia, divided into three "books". These are perhaps the earliest works of Ambrose, written in AD 377. Written in a rather casual, non-technical style, they appear to be a moral compass for women...
Running Time: 2:29:09
A Witch Shall Be Born
A Witch Shall Be Born - Robert E. Howard
The kingdom of Cowra is small, set between vast deserts and plains, but has fertile soil, hardworking, loyal citizens, and a lot of gold, but above all, a lovely young queen who is equally wise and benevolent, Because she is beautiful. But, suddenly, disaster struck. A terrifying sorceress (her...
Running Time: 2:05:28
Shadows in Zamboula
Shadows in Zamboula - Robert E. Howard
Despite warnings from an elderly desert nomad at the souk, Conan remains in Zambula, a cheap tavern by Aram Baksh. As night fell, a black cannibal from Darfari came in and dragged him away, and ate him. All Darfari enslaved people in the city are cannibals who roam the streets at night. City...
Running Time: 1:26:51
Shadows in the Moonlight
Shadows in the Moonlight - Robert E. Howard
For a true Conan story, full of savage cunning, magic, fierce combat, and his berserker powers, this is one of the best. When the Freedom Pals are captured and slaughtered by the ruthless Akif Highlord Shah Amurath, Conan joins them in an ambush. Conan was one of the few escapees, hiding in the...
Running Time: 1:30:50
Red Nails (version 2)
Red Nails (version 2) - Robert E. Howard
Conan the Barbarian seeks out and joins forces with the world's most muscular woman, Red Valeria, a beautiful pirate who uses her strength and ferocity to outwit the best of pirates. This is one of the strangest stories by Robert E. Howard has ever written - the tale of a savage adventurer, a...
Running Time: 03:49:32
Red Nails
Red Nails - Robert E. Howard
After the beautiful and deadly pirate Valeria slays a Styx, Conan the Cimmerian sets out to hunt her down, only to be cornered by a dragon. The dragon had no idea who he was dealing with. The two then encounter the city of Xuchotl, home to feuding factions and ancient secrets. Then came...
Queen of the Black Coast
Queen of the Black Coast - Robert E. Howard
Conan eventually meets his master, the fierce, bloodthirsty, scantily clad Pirate Queen, in Belit. She couldn't resist the huge, blue-eyed, iron-hoofed savage who knocked her down. Together they became legendary pirates and the scourge of Darkshore. They ventured upstream in search of plunder,...
Running Time: 1:27:55
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