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Short Story Collection Vol. 001
Short Story Collection Vol. 001 - Various
Short Story Collection 001: a collection of 10 short works of fiction in the public domain read by a variety of LibriVox members....
Running Time: 5:39:12
Aesop's Fables, Volume 02 (Fables 26-50)
Aesop's Fables, Volume 02 (Fables 26-50) - Aesop
Aesop's fables date back to the 6th century BC. And tell universal truths through the use of easy-to-understand parables. Although almost nothing is known about Aesop himself, and some scholars even doubt his existence, these stories are timeless classics known in nearly every culture around the...
Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories
Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories - Ambrose Bierce
Ambrose Bierce (1842 - 1914?), satirist, critic, poet, short story writer and journalist. His fiction showed a clean economical style often sprinkled with subtle cynical comments on human behaviour. Nothing is known of his death, as he went missing while an observer with Pancho Villa’s army in...
Running Time: 2:01:30
Sara Crewe: or, What Happened at Miss Minchin’s Boarding School
Sara Crewe: or, What Happened at Miss Minchin’s Boarding School - Frances Hodgson Burnett
The story is told in Francis Hodgson Burnett's classic novel The Little Princess, originally written as a serialized novel Sara Crewe or What Happened to Miss Minchin and set in 1888 in St. Published in Nicholas Magazine. She tells the story of Sara Crewe, a bright, wealthy young girl at Miss...
Running Time: 1:55:02
If - Rudyard Kipling
LibriVox’s weekly poetry project for the week of January 29, 2006: This popular piece was voted Britain’s favourite poem in a BBC opinion poll in 1995....
Running Time: 0:38:16
Absolute Surrender and Other Addresses
Absolute Surrender and Other Addresses - Andrew Murray
This is a series of text messages from South African Minister Andrew Murray. They are about the need and joy of surrendering our lives completely to God....
Running Time: 3:52:25
Shakespeare's Sonnets
Shakespeare's Sonnets - William Shakespeare
Shakespeare’s sonnets comprise a collection of 154 poems in sonnet form that deal with such themes as love, beauty, politics, and mortality....
Running Time: 2:44:21
Typee - Herman Melville
Typee is Herman Melville's first book in which he recounts his experiences after jumping into the sea in the Marquesas Islands in 1842 and becoming a prisoner of the Cannibal Island tribe. It was an instant hit in the US and UK and was Melville's most popular work in his lifetime. It wasn't until...
A Personal Anthology of Shakespeare
A Personal Anthology of Shakespeare - William Shakespeare
This personal anthology is my selection of Shakespeare's speeches, which I love to read (I was dying to memorize them a few years ago!), and seem to me to illustrate his unparalleled use of language. He was a man who seemed to know everything about human nature and, as Orson Welles put it, "he...
Running Time: 0:33:33
The Owl and the Pussycat
The Owl and the Pussycat - Edward Lear
LibriVox's weekly poetry project for the week of January 22, 2006: The Owl and the Pussycat is a famous nonsense poem by Edward Lear, first published in 1871. Its most notable feature is the introduction of the runcible spoon....
Running Time: 0:37:38
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It is increasingly difficult to find a few free hours to enjoy reading a good book. After all, it is not difficult to listen to courses of educational literature, to engage in self-development, gaining knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, parenting, to get an idea of the achievements of science and technology or to get acquainted with the latest works of art. With the advent and spread of audiobooks, it has become possible to combine your favorite pastime with everyday activities. Thus, morning warm-up, jogging in the park or on a treadmill will become more interesting if you combine it with listening to an interesting book.

And housework, so necessary, but monotonous will cease to seem routine if, while doing it, you empathize with the characters of an exciting story.

There is free time and good weather - do not deny yourself a walk in the fresh air. It doesn't matter if you just want to sit on a bench in the nearest park or take a ski trip in the countryside, headphones will not interfere with active recreation.

Free audiobooks have become indispensable when traveling. Waiting at bus stops, train stations and stations, a long journey in public transport or in traffic jams driving your own car takes hours of our lives. After all, we do not want to waste time when traveling to work or leisure. But this time can be used to your advantage. Trips will stop being annoying, and the time on the road will fly by when you listen to an interesting story.

Any child loves to listen to a fairy tale before going to bed. But parents do not have to read it themselves. Fatigue, sore throat and other reasons sometimes make them reduce or cancel this activity and, as a result, upset the baby. Listening to an audiobook together at night comes to the rescue.

And in order to disconnect from problems and worries, to rest and relax after a busy day, there is nothing better than a fragrant bath, a cup of good tea and, of course, a good book. If tired eyes or back do not allow you to enjoy the reading process, the audio version of the literary work will allow you to enjoy it even with your eyes closed, comfortably sitting in bed, before going to bed. An important advantage of audiobooks is that you can download them not only to your PC or laptop, but even to your phone. And that means you can listen to them anytime, anywhere. Listening to audiobooks online allows you to save space on your device, but not lose sound.

This allows you to combine the acquisition of new knowledge, impressions and emotions that reading gives with the most active lifestyle. What is very important nowadays. Listen to audiobooks for free online with Eng.Sound-Books, and we will always try to pamper you with new sounds of both new books and classic literature.