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Cosmos: A Sketch of a Physical Description of The Universe: Introductionv
Cosmos: A Sketch of a Physical Description of The Universe: Introductionv - Alexander von Humboldt
Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt was a Prussian geographer, naturalist, explorer, and influential representative of Romantic philosophy. Many consider him the last great polymath. After he died in 1859, the scientific community began to fragment into different disciplines, each...
Clever Hans (The Horse of Mr. Von Osten)
Clever Hans (The Horse of Mr. Von Osten) - Oskar Pfungst
Oskar Pfungst's book is detailed investigative journalism about Clever Hans, an Orlov pony who is said to be able to perform arithmetic and other intellectual tasks. Pfungst described the results of many experiments, and finally he could explain exactly how Hans did it. This classic example of the...
Running Time: 08:26:18
Chunky, the Happy Hippo
Chunky, the Happy Hippo - Richard Barnum
Another entry in Richard Barnum's Kneeland Animal Stories. Follow Dumpty Hippo's many adventures from his native Africa to the circus. - Summary by Larry Wilson....
Running Time: 02:32:07
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (version 3 Dramatic Reading)
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (version 3 Dramatic Reading) - Hugh Lofting
Dr. John Dolittle was a veterinarian and noted naturalist whose success depended on his ability to speak the languages ​​of many different animal species: this book, the second Ph.D. Dolittle Adventures, narrated by Tommy Stubbins, meets the Doctor after finding an injured squirrel. Stubbins became...
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (version 2)
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (version 2) - Hugh Lofting
Doctor Doolittle and his friends travel to South America to meet the New World's most outstanding naturalist. Note to listeners: This book was written at a different time and therefore contains language and sentiments that offend modern sensibilities. - Summary by Karen Savage...
Smoky The Cowhorse
Smoky The Cowhorse - Will James
American western artist and writer Will James, in the early 20th century, wrote this novel. The story follows the life of Smokey, a born wild horse captured by a cowboy named Clint and trained to be an excellent cowhouse. Smoky was then stolen by horse thieves and was abused and abused over the...
Running Time: 08:11:11
It's Like This, Cat (Version 2)
It's Like This, Cat (Version 2) - Emily Neville
The novel won the 1964 Newbery Medal for Outstanding Achievement in American Children's Literature. This adorable story revolves around a 14-year-old boy, Dave, and his adopted cat named Pussy, as they turn mundane routines into exciting rollercoasters. (Summary by Neeru Iyer)...
Running Time: 3:26:06
It's Like This, Cat
It's Like This, Cat - Emily Neville
It's Like This, Cat, winner of the 1964 Newbery Medal, tells the story of a young man, Dave Mitchell, and how he grew up with the indirect help of a stray cat who cat lady Crazy Kate adopted. Home. Dave lives in New York City with his lawyer father and mother, who has asthma due to family strife....
Canyons of the Colorado
Canyons of the Colorado - John Wesley Powell
John Wesley Powell was a pioneering 19th-century American explorer, ethnologist, and geologist. In 1869, he began exploring Colorado and the Grand Canyon. On May 24, he gathered nine men, four ships, and ten months' supplies, and set out from Green River, Wyoming. Through treacherous rapids, the...
California Desert Trails
California Desert Trails - Joseph Smeaton Chase
I easily fell prey to the call of another key feature of California's terrain: the dreamy inhospitable desert. Long ago, during short expeditions around her, I had fallen in love with her inexplicable charms in various places; Knowing it well: getting the experience I wanted, at the expense of some...
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