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Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens - G. K. Chesterton
GK Chesterton admired Charles Dickens, writing famous reviews of Dickens' work and expressing his views in his style. (Summary by Karen Merline)...
Characters of Shakespeare's Plays
Characters of Shakespeare's Plays - William Hazlitt
This celebrated exploration of Shakespeare illuminates her plays through character framing while balancing theme, mood, structure, and poetry. In it, 19th-century critic William Hazlitt reveals Shakespeare’s genius for creating and bringing characters to life that often challenge, if not obscure,...
The Birth of Tragedy
The Birth of Tragedy - Friedrich Nietzsche
In this famous early work of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, he examines the artistic features of the Apollonian (reason) and Dionysian (passion) characters in Greek art, especially the development of Greek tragedy. He then applies his conclusions about Greek tragedy to the state of modern...

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