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Nada the Lily
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Description of the audiobook Nada the Lily:

A classic tale of love and revenge set in the Zulu kingdom of KwaZulu-Natal in modern South Africa. Nada the Lily, a work of fiction loosely related to actual historical events, is unusual in British Empire literature because its characters are entirely black African.

Narrated by Mobo, witch doctor of the legendary Zulu King Chaka, featuring a pack of ghostly wolves and a cave turned into a grave, this novel continues in the spirit of Alan Quaterman's novel, making H. Rider Haggard became a bestselling author of the nineteenth century.

Nada the Lily was reissued in the 1970s as volume 20 at the renowned Newcastle's Forgotten Fantasy Library, containing nine of Haggard's works. - Summary by Phil Benson