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Dave Brings Home A Wife (dramatic reading)
Dave Brings Home A Wife (dramatic reading) - Steele Rudd
This self-contained eight-chapter storyline is taken from the pages of Steele Rudd's book, Back At Our Selection. Synopsis: Dave (Luther's dad's second son) finally marries after several years of being a shy bachelor. To a "small-town girl" named "Lily White." When she first...
Dangerous Connections (Les liaisons dangereuses)
Dangerous Connections (Les liaisons dangereuses) - Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
Alternative title 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses' Translation of ' Dangerous Liasons'. Everyone probably thinks of Glenn Close and John Malkovich, but for those who haven't seen the movie, this epistolary novel follows a young girl named Cecil de Vohan How the heat fell to the road of perdition, just a...
Daisy Miller: A Study in Two Parts (version 2)
Daisy Miller: A Study in Two Parts (version 2) - Henry James
Daisy Miller is an 1878 novella by Henry James, first published in Cornhill Magazine in June-July 1879 and in book form the following year publishing . It shows the beautiful American girl Daisy Miller being wooed by her cultured compatriot Frederick Winterbourne. His search for her is thwarted by...
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (version 3 Dramatic Reading)
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (version 3 Dramatic Reading) - Hugh Lofting
Dr. John Dolittle was a veterinarian and noted naturalist whose success depended on his ability to speak the languages ​​of many different animal species: this book, the second Ph.D. Dolittle Adventures, narrated by Tommy Stubbins, meets the Doctor after finding an injured squirrel. Stubbins became...
Caesar and Cleopatra
Caesar and Cleopatra - George Bernard Shaw
Caesar and Cleopatra is a play written by George Bernard Shaw in 1898, first performed in 1901 and first published with Captain Brassbound's Conversion and The Devil's Disciple in his 1901 collection Three Plays of the Puritans middle. It premiered in Newcastle upon Tyne on 15 March 1899. The...
Running Time: 04:12:51
Black Beauty (version 3 Dramatic Reading)
Black Beauty (version 3 Dramatic Reading) - Anna Sewell
Black Beauty is a fictional autobiographical memoir with many stories told by one horse, both cruel and kind. The cover of the first edition said it was "translated from the original Equine by Anna Sewell." Published in 1877, Sewell lived to see her first and only novel become an instant...
Bible (KJV) 18: Job (Dramatic Reading)
Bible (KJV) 18: Job (Dramatic Reading) - King James Version
The Book of Job is a book in the Hebrew Bible. It tells the story of Job, who is tested by Satan, who engages in theological discussions with his friends about the origin and nature of his suffering, who challenges God and receives God's answer. The book itself contains a didactic poem set in...
Running Time: 2:04:36
Bible (KJV) 17: Esther (version 2 Dramatic Reading)
Bible (KJV) 17: Esther (version 2 Dramatic Reading) - King James Version
The seventeenth book of the King James Bible, the book of Esther, tells the story of two queens. Queen Vashti was the most beautiful woman in the land, but when she refused to attend her husband's banquet, she was banished from the kingdom. Hadassah is called to take her place - a beautiful young...
Running Time: 00:39:07
Ben Hur (Dramatic Reading)
Ben Hur (Dramatic Reading) - Lew Wallace
In this dramatic reading of the classic epic poem, Ben-Hur, discover the wonder of the three saints traveling together through the wilderness. Thirty years later, Judas accidentally lost a tile on the head of the Roman governor and was sentenced to life imprisonment. As he flees, his desire for...
Barks and Purrs (Dramatic Reading)
Barks and Purrs (Dramatic Reading) - Colette
Barks and Purrs is a seven-episode collection that follows the lives of Toby-Dog, a French bulldog, and Kiki-the-Demure, a Maltese cat, who live in a comfortable home. The episodes cover a hot afternoon, a train journey, and what happens at dinner or when her lover is sick. We heard about the first...
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