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Children of the Ghetto
Children of the Ghetto - Israel Zangwill
In this 1892 novel about the Jewish East End of London, Israel Zangwill contrasts the seemingly irrational and decidedly vulgar religious practices of resettled Eastern European Jews with the power of assimilation. Zangwill's knowledge of the Yiddish language and melodramatic skills produce a...
Running Time: 15:17:39
Cedric the Forester
Cedric the Forester - Bernard Gay Marshall
A hilarious teenage adventure, this historical novel won a 1922 Newbery Honor—descendants of an aristocratic family from the western Marche, set in England in the early 12th century. A master of crossbowman ship and strategy, the yeoman often saved the day, and after being knighted, he played an...
Cane - Jean Toomer
As I read this book, I had a vision that the land hitherto sunk in a fog of silence suddenly rose to a peak of song. There are countless books written about the South; some good books have been written in the South. This book is Southern. . . . The first part is the primitive and ephemeral world of...
By What Authority?
By What Authority? - Robert Hugh Benson
Two wealthy families were neighbors in Elizabethan England; one was strict Catholic, the other strict Protestant. The charming young offspring of the family are attracted to each other by friendship and love, but separated by rival religions. Life was very difficult for Catholics in this day and...
British Goblins: Welsh Folk-lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions
British Goblins: Welsh Folk-lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions - Wirt Sikes
The British Isles, and Wales in particular, are famous for their legends and folklore. The author, an American journalist working in Europe, was appointed Welsh consul and thus began his fascination with Welsh folklore. He became a recognized authority and published several books on the subject....
Bracebridge Hall
Bracebridge Hall - Washington Irving
The famous American humorist and essayist Washington Irving published a series of short plays in 1815 entitled Gentleman Geoffrey's Crayon Sketchbook. This collection contains the chapters that would later form the stand-alone work Old Christmas. This wonderful book introduces the world to...
Running Time: 05:09:27
Adam Bede (version 2)
Adam Bede (version 2) - George Eliot
George Eliot was the pen name of Mary Ann Evans - an ironic "hoax" considering her first novel, Adam Bede, was written from an overtly feminist point of view. The story revolves around an idyllic love triangle. Two young men, Adam Bede, a carpenter, and Captain Arthur Donny Thorne, a...
The Heart of Happy Hollow
The Heart of Happy Hollow - Paul Laurence Dunbar
Happy Cave; do you want to know where it is? Where a Negro settles in a town or village in the North or South, where the clerks, porters, and waiters are the social men of the city; picnics and outings are the main pastimes in summer, while the rebirth of penance in winter, the veil at weddings In...

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