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Cupid's Whirligig
Cupid's Whirligig - Edward Sharpham
Cupid's Whirligig is an urban comedy : a spoken word drama about everyday life in London. Sir Timothy Trouble , the knight , suspects his wife of cheating on him , and in order to prove that the child she bears is not his own , he decides to " earn money " himself. Meanwhile , the young...
Running Time: 02:56:54
Candida - George Bernard Shaw
Candida, a comedy by playwright George Bernard Shaw, was first published in 1898, as part of his Plays Pleasant. The central characters are clergyman James Morell, his wife Candida and a youthful poet, Eugene Marchbanks, who tries to win Candida's affections. The play questions Victorian notions...
Running Time: 2:00:57
Brewster's Millions
Brewster's Millions - Winchell Smith, Byron Ongley
Monty Brewster just inherited a million dollars from the grandfather he never met. Crashed by his newfound wealth, young Monty Brewster was about to start his new life when a Western lawyer told him that his uncle George Brewster had left him $7 million, assuming he paid the lost money. $1 million...
Running Time: 03:15:40
The Beaux Stratagem
The Beaux Stratagem - George Farquhar
Two hapless gentlemen pretending to be master and servant, thinking that a good dowry will solve their problems; some bumbling robbers and their accomplices; The squire and his sick wife, a medical lady, and a beautiful daughter. What could go wrong? (Summary by ToddHW)...
Running Time: 02:55:29
Bacchides: or, The Twin Sisters
Bacchides: or, The Twin Sisters - Titus Maccius Plautus
Twin sisters separated at birth in different countries. Later, Mnesilochus fell in love with one of them, apparently only seeing his friend Pistoclerus with her. There are many serious complications. Finally everything was explained and everyone gathered for a drink....
Aulularia; or, The Concealed Treasure
Aulularia; or, The Concealed Treasure - Titus Maccius Plautus
Euclio, a miserly old Athenian, found a pot of gold in his house, fearing it would be found and stolen, he watched with great concern and moved the treasure around, hiding it in one place first and then hide in another place. until.......
Running Time: 01:44:29
An Ideal Husband (version 2)
An Ideal Husband (version 2) - Oscar Wilde
The "ideal husbands" for this title were Sir Robert Chiltern and his equally upstanding wife, Lady Chiltern. Has he never committed a crime, never had a "past," never succumbed to corruption or influence? At least she believes that... the infamous Mrs. Chevely will soon appear,...
Running Time: 03:12:24
An Ideal Husband
An Ideal Husband - Oscar Wilde
An Ideal Husband is an 1895 comedy film directed by Oscar Wilde about extortion and political corruption that touches on public and private honor themes. The action takes place in London, in the "now," in one day. "Sooner or later," Wilde noted, "we will all have to pay for...
Running Time: 3:17:08
All's Well That Ends Well (version 2)
All's Well That Ends Well (version 2) - William Shakespeare
A fairy tale with real-life significance, all is well and with a happy ending about a poor doctor's daughter who goes to Paris to heal the king and propose to him; not himself, but the Count Roussillon, whose good father had live in his house. He married her but didn't sleep with her, he fled to...
Running Time: 03:38:36
All's Well That Ends Well
All's Well That Ends Well - William Shakespeare
Despite its upbeat title, Shakespeare's All Well Ended is often dismissed as a "problem play." Purported to be a comedy, the show also has fairytale elements, as it focuses on Helena, a kindhearted orphan who loves Bertram, the haughty son of her protector, the Countess of Roussillon....
Running Time: 2:52:00
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