Audiobook David and the Phoenix - author Edward Ormondroyd

David and the Phoenix
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You are here to listen to audiobook David and the Phoenix! from the author Edward Ormondroyd, reads it - Greg Weeks

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Description of the audiobook David and the Phoenix:

David knew climbing was to be prepared for anything, but he never imagined what he'd find on the rock that June morning. There stood a huge bird with the head of an eagle, a neck like a swan, and a crest of scarlet feathers. The most amazing thing is that the bird has an open book on the ground and is reading!

This was the first time David saw this fabulous phoenix and the beginning of a happy and profitable partnership. Phoenix discovered a major flaw in David's education - he failed questions like "How do you tell a real unicorn from a fake?"  -- and is committed to supplementing it with practical training that prepares you for life.

Training must combine offensive and defensive measures against a scientist bent on capturing the Phoenix. Still, both projects are exciting and hilarious adventures for boys and birds.

A great read-aloud, adventurous and very funny, full of wonderful magic and a great sense of humor.  (Summary from the dust jacket front cover.)